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China Red Telecommunications LLC

How We Got Our Start

Since opening in 2020, we have become masters of supplying work-from-home jobs on an independent basis. Our commitment is to get America working again, with No cap on their income, and provide a home where bosses are born.

We will never stop improving and will continue to expand our relations with varieties of companies to provide our contractors with a reliable source of income. China Red Telecommunications LLC is here to serve our Independent Contractors and make them be the best bosses they can be at our vitural call center. 

Our Background

Virtual Call Center

Established in 2020, China Red Telecommunications LLC has an unparalleled commitment to supplying contractors with work-from-home jobs. We strive to keep working-class citizens working in a comfortable, self-paced, relaxed environment. Since Covid 19, we promised to help balance everyday life with an easier way to make more money. Our motto is "If your doing nothing you might as well make money doing something!" and we will help you stand by it. Like most unique call centers we provide a platform for agents to be their own boss and also encourage agents to learn how to work independently and proactively towards their own personal and business goals.

Virtual Call Center

Work from home with the most amazing companies that you choose! Have a job already? No problem, we have more! Need to set your hours? No worries, we don't make your schedule, you do! Now get ready to earn more money for 2021 without moving from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the amazing opportunities we have in store. All you need is your smile and great customer service skills to get working TODAY!!! 

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